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Our 2011-2012 Season!

Wrapping up its record breaking 32nd season, American Stage Theatre Company has announced its 2011-2012 season for its Mainstage Series and American Stage in the Park, headlined by the Tampa Bay area premiere of two of the most important and award winning Broadway dramas in recent history.

“Our 33rd season will be the most memorable in local professional theatre history,” said Todd Olson, American Stage’s producing artistic director. “We are going to produce the Tampa Bay premieres of August: Osage County by Tracy Letts, which won the Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award as well as being chosen as one of the three most important plays of the past 25 years, and 2.5 Minute Ride by Lisa Kron, which won the 1999 Obie Award. We are very excited to be the first professional theatre in our area to bring these two very important and amazing plays to theatre lovers.”


by Tracy Letts

October 22 - 30, 2011

“Corrosive humor so darkly delicious and ghastly that you’ll squirm in your seat even as you’re doubled over laughing.” –Variety

One of the most bracing and critically-acclaimed plays in recent Broadway history, August: Osage County is the hilarious and biting portrait of the dysfunctional American family at its finest—and absolute worst. When the patriarch of the Weston clan disappears one hot summer night, the family reunites at their Oklahoma homestead where long-held secrets are unflinchingly and uproariously revealed. This mammoth play combines epic tragedy with black comedy, dramatizing three generations of unfulfilled dreams, leaving not one of its 13 characters unscathed or any audience member unmoved. A Regional premiere! Chosen by Entertainment Weekly as one of the three most important plays of the past 25 years. Mature subject matter and language.


by Oscar Wilde

November 18 thru December 24, 2011

“Wilde at his most wittily serious and subversively moral” –Sunday Times

“Scandals used to lend charm to a man – now they crush him.” In An Ideal Husband by Oscar Wilde, fate catches up to Government Minister Sir Robert Chiltern when a mysterious woman produces a letter which reveals a past misdeed and a choice must be made between public scandal and the private shame of his wife. This Oscar Wilde work is a perfect mix of Wilde wit and intrigue and resonates amazingly with our modern “point and click” scandal of the moment culture.


Our next play in
August Wilson Cycle

January 20 thru February 26, 2012

“A play whose epic proportions and abundant spirit remind us of what the American theater once was.”
New York Times

Floyd Barton is a natural musician with a hit song and, in the expansive atmosphere after World War II, he dreams of the big time. But as the play begins, his wife and friends mourn his death. In Wilson’s only play constructed in flashback, Seven Guitars takes us back to explore what happened. Who killed Floyd Barton, but more importantly, why? Mature subject matter and language.


by Lisa Kron
March 16 thru May 6, 2012

"Sly, wise and wonderful." —Newsday

"Nothing short of astounding."
Pittsburgh City Paper

"Remarkable…emotional vibrations that won't stop." –New York Times

"Bespeaks the remarkable resiliency of the human spirit." –Los Angeles Times

Winner of the 1999 Obie Award, 2.5 Minute Ride is a funny and deeply disquieting story about a daughter who strives to understand the joys and sorrows of her father's heart. It’s a startling and searingly funny meditation on how human beings make sense of tragedy, grief, and everyday life. Told with wit and compassion, 2.5 Minute Ride tells the story of a father who, in spite of near-blindness, diabetes, and a heart condition, insists on family trips to Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio, the roller coaster capital of the world. But this isn't the only journey this daughter would take with her father … a German-born Jew who escaped Nazi Germany as a teenager only to return as an American soldier. Part testimonial, part performance art, Kron seeks to find the humanity in the crevices of human behavior. 2.5 Minute Ride has been described as "intravenous" – a work which goes directly into the mind and heart of the audience via the serum of a beguiling theatrical entertainment.



by Keith Huff, directed by T. Scott Wooten

March 16 thru May 6, 2012

"Enough fiery, superbly rendered, often deeply poetic speeches, enough mood shifts, enough emotional cataclysms and action-packed storytelling to keep this hallucinatory roller-coaster ride in exciting motion.”

One night on a routine call, two Chicago cops begin a journey over three harrowing days that will change their lives forever. Joey and Denny are longtime partners and best friends. They are also men with flaws. Joey is single, a recovering alcoholic and lonely. Denny is married with children, but there are clearly secrets. What begins as a domestic disturbance call snowballs into an avalanche and the friends are eventually forced to offer their differing accounts of what happened. A Steady Rain is the investigation where the audience becomes the jury and Joey and Denny’s lives become changed forever. Mature subject matter and language.


27th Annual
American Stage in the Park

by Richard O'Brien

April 11 thru May 13, 2012

“The most mutated, time warped phenomena in show business.” –NY Times

It’s the biggest and baddest rock ‘n’ roll musical ever! On the way to visit an old college professor, two clean cut kids, Brad Majors and his fiancée Janet Weiss, run into tire trouble and seek help at the site of a light down the road. It's coming from the Frankenstein place, where Dr. Frank'n'Furter is in the midst of one of his maniacal experiments. Follow squeaky-clean sweethearts Brad and Janet on an adventure they’ll never forget, with the scandalous Frank'n'Furter, rippling Rocky and vivacious Magenta. Get ready for a night of fun, frolics and frivolity in this thrilling production of Richard O’Brien’s classic original script! Bursting at the seams with timeless classics, including “Sweet Transvestite,” “Damn it Janet” and of course, the pelvic-thrusting “Time Warp,” Richard O’Brien’s Rocky Horror Show is a non-stop party! Ready to thrill you with its frothy, fun, and naughty moments, this is the boldest bash of them all, so sharpen those stilettos for the rockiest ride of your life! Don’t dream it – be it!


Book & Lyrics by Liv Cummins &
Rob Hartmann
Music by Rob Hartmann
Original concept and additional lyrics by Scott Keyes

Previews: May 29 - 31
June 1 thru July 1, 2012

“A playful experiment in which the four A's - Amelia, Aimee, Agatha, and the audience - come briefly and melodiously unglued in time and space.” –Chicago Sun-Times

Agatha Christie vanished for eleven days in 1926. That same year, evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson vanished for three weeks. Amelia Earhart disappeared during her 1937 around-the-world flight and was never seen again. Agatha and Aimee never spoke of what happened during their disappearances. Vanishing Point, a musical fantasy, brings these three women together on a road trip through time and space as they recall their past and explore their future, stepping in and out of one another’s lives. The show has a cast of three: the actresses play multiple parts (each other’s mothers, husbands, reporters, fans, etc.).


by Larry Shue

Previews: July 18, 19, 20, 21, 22,
25 & 26
July 27 thru August 19, 2012

“Larry Shue has raided comedy's storehouse!” –Bergen Record

The Foreigner demonstrates what can happen when a group of devious characters deal with a stranger whom they think knows no English. The scene is a fishing lodge in rural Georgia often visited by Froggy LeSeuer, a British demolition expert who occasionally runs training sessions at a nearby army base. This time Froggy has brought along a friend, a pathologically shy young man named Charlie who is overcome with fear at the thought of making conversation with strangers. So Froggy, before departing, tells all assembled that Charlie is from an exotic foreign country and speaks no English. Once alone the fun really begins as Charlie overhears more than he should—the sinister plans of a two-faced minister and his redneck associate, the fact that the minister’s pretty fiancée is pregnant, and much more. What Charlie does fuels the nonstop hilarity and sets up the breath-taking climax.


Performances and ticket prices are as follows:
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening curtain is at 7:30pm
Friday and Saturday evening curtain is at 8pm
Saturday and Sunday matinee curtain is at 3pm.

Tickets prices are $29-$47 depending on date and time of performance.
Students Rush tickets are $10, 30 minutes prior to curtain.

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